I found Gloria with Dog Trots by going to the dog park and watching which dog walkers were good. Gloria is excellent! Top notch. A real dog behaviorist that is skilled. I watched her deal with dogs, puppies, owners, and aggressive breeds for a few months before hiring her for my dog. My dog now goes three times a week with Gloria’s off-leash groups. Our dog waits anxiously by the gate until Gloria pulls up and jumps into her doggie truck excitedly. 
Ildiko Papp and her lab, Billie Holiday
Our dog is a sweet and well-behaved dog today because he has spent the past three years with Gloria and his pals at Dog Trots. She provides superb service and personalized love and attention. She is conscientious, concerned, knowledgeable, and most important, she LOVES dogs. In my next life, I want to come back as one of Gloria’s Dog Trotters. 
Stephanie Axelrod and her Aussie, Cortez
I can’t express how wonderful Dog Trots is! Gloria Cropper takes such good care of my dog and treats her like her own. Gloria’s background in dog training is a perfect overlay to her business. It makes me feel even more confident knowing that my dog is in good hands and that Gloria can handle any situation. She is one in a million and I can’t imagine not having her as a support system in raising my pup!
Lisa Smith and her golden, Elle
Our dog absolutely loves her, as do we! We love to come home to the notes she leaves, detailing the events of the day, they always make us smile. She will even note behavioral or health concerns and give advice on how to remedy them. We highly recommend to anyone seeking dog walking, training, or dog excursions!
Tara Lee and her lab, Rand
It was clear to us during our initial training session that Gloria is a supremely skilled trainer. Equally obvious, if not more so, was that she loves dogs. And Walter immediately loved her. We graduated to off-leash dog walks as soon as Walter was old enough (requisite vaccines, etc).

When the time came for us to leave town without Walter, Gloria was the logical choice. Molly and I are firm believers in “you get what you pay for.” Her kennel-free boarding is second to none and the real value is piece of mind knowing Walter is in a loving environment. They are also getting additional training, socialization and more off-leash play time at the park. Gloria is extremely accommodating to our always changing schedules. Additionally, she started offering a bath service so when we arrive home, Walter is clean and fresh. Gloria and her Dog Trots service couldn’t come with a higher recommendation, period.

Hayden and Molly Scott and their dog Walter
Gloria (Dog Trots) has been providing quality care for our dogs for nearly 10 years. She takes our 2 dogs to off-leash parks multiple times weekly. We have used her in-home boarding services occasionally. We have been through 3 canine illnesses/injuries that required surgery. Gloria was key in providing safe and attentive post-op exercise and care.

A lot of trust is needed when another person takes our dogs, in their vehicle and with other dogs, to an off-leash area. Gloria is reliable, attentive, and caring. She knowledgeable and experienced with excellent canine intuition. Our quality of life and, especially, the quality of life for our dogs is vastly increased by using the services provided by Dog Trots on a regular and continuing basis.

Emilie and Sylvan Lowens and their dog Boodles
My husband and I are now in the process of purchasing our first home. In our list of important attributes—2 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, a nice yard—being in a neighborhood that Gloria with Dog Trots services comes pretty close to the top.
Angela and Ethan Stowell and their dog, Cleo
Gloria ranks at the top for any attribute. She maintains a solid business framework, and works very hard. She has the highest integrity; I trust her to come to my home, care for my beloved dogs, and return them home safely. She takes her responsibilities seriously yet she is very personable. It is obvious that she loves what she does. When asked, I would recommend Gloria most highly.
Rita Keusch and her dog Bella