Notes From the Pack

You wish you could sleep up to 14 hours a day like we do. We know. Truth is, we’re flat tuckered after our outings with Gloria. We’re having sweet dreams of the day’s treats and treks.

Adventure Time

We love to fire up our inner GPS and tear off with Gloria on wild sniffing tours—what humans call “walks.” We romp and run and train off-leash—what humans call “exercise.” Well, exercise happens, but we’re just playing and exploring and feeding our insatiable ground-level curiosity.

We enjoy meeting friends, starting from the backside up. We want to know who’s new in town and what they ate for dinner last night. Bipeds are cool too—Gloria teaches us how to avoid faux-paws, like jumping up and all over new humans and licking them to death. Especially if they taste like chicken.

We Get Human-Speak

When Gloria sort of barks, “Wait!” we don’t jump out of the truck and trot into traffic, even when there’s an intriguing right rear tire smell. She has us practice the “wait” command at gates and doorways, and so many other human language games. We’re good with that.

alkiLow Carbon Puppy Print

Our primary fuel source is love, same as you guys. Our secondary fuel source is the promise of adventure. OK, OK, we think about food all the time. Food is Number One. We dig the all-natural treats Gloria gives us. But for Number Two Gloria uses biodegradable poop bags. She’ll have none of those yucky petrochemical, landfill-clogging plastic bags. We are responsible and happy dogs!


Your Friendly Furry Quadrupeds